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Dynamic Jack 5-Pack Infused Shorties


You’ve smoked flower rolled in kief, but have you smoked kief rolled in flower?

Time for an upgrade.

We use our Futurola shredder to mix our flower and kief, and then roll the infused mix with (new) extra thin papers for an easy burn and draw. We pack these beauties in clear packaging so you can see the quality for yourself (we’re not hiding behind any opaque dube tubes!).

Our infused 5-pack of shorties .4g pre-rolls are as unique as they are potent. Perfect size and amount for walking the dog, an evening stroll or a moment to yourself. And, since they are infused, the high is higher and the calm is calmer even though the pre-roll is smaller. The eye-catching custom-designed bright green box will catch your eye -plus, it’s reusable.

THC: ~34%-37%

Current Strain: Hybrid (current: Wedding Cake & Mimosa, but updated regularly)

Description: 5-Pack .4g/pre-roll

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